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Normal Topic Aborting My Upgrade (Read 538 times)
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Re: Aborting My Upgrade
Reply #1 - May 31st, 2018 at 1:14pm
Mark & QuoteQuote  
Hope you get better soon - maybe you can send me a copy of your 2.5 forum for testing. (As you no doubt noticed, we desperately need more testers and testing with 'live' data.)

The issues you DID find were helpful in tracking down some typos and additional places that needed error checking and refactoring.

Older versions of YaBB ignored bad and corrupted data and so, over time, bad data accumulated and was carried over from one version to the next. When bad data got too bad and became noticeable, the admin was expected to run maintenance to fix the problem.

With 2.7 and beyond, we're trying to avoid bad data from being stored in the first place, BUT sorting through old data with problems is still a major challenge.

Perfection is not possible. Excellence, however, is excellent.
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Aborting My Upgrade
May 29th, 2018 at 10:29pm
Mark & QuoteQuote  
I have been struck down with the flu in the middle of this upgrade so am aborting it and returning to my 2.5AE Forum.

There seems to be too many issues with the upgrade especially with the data conversion. I have never experienced this with past upgrades and found it quite stressful.

I perhaps went live with it too soon however we have a small but active membership and they like me were getting frustrated.

Thanks Dandello for all the help.  I will try again sometime in the future.
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Aborting My Upgrade

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