YaBB Mod Language Checker

Instructions: This script will show you what language items are installed with each 2.7.00 YaBB Mod. It will also show which items have already been translated into languages other than English.

Remember, English is the base language for YaBB so all non-English language files and items must be matched against English. When adding a Mod with language file modifications, those modifications must be made to all installed languages. Failure to add the new item in all affected files can render your forum non-functional. If there are items that make no sense in your language, replace the text for that item with '' or q{} to mark those items as now blank.

YaBB 2.7.00 Mods

When run, this section will tell you what language files are changed by the Mod and the text added. If the item has been translated, the transation will also be listed.

Language Quick Check